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Long-Lasting Lipsticks:9 Secret Tips To Make Lipstick Last



Long-Lasting Lipsticks:9 Secret Tips To Make Lipstick Last

Long-Lasting Lipsticks:9 Secret Tips To Make Lipstick Last


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Lipstick is a beauty product that finishes your appearance and helps you step out. One of these causes is among the essential cosmetic items in your makeup kit. There are so many different colors of lipstick to pick from, and many of them now contain vitamin E and other flavorings to preserve as well as style your lips. Given the importance of lipstick, it’s only logical that you want your lipstick to look flawless and last all day.

Whether you’re traveling from appointment to meeting or spending the day sightseeing in your favorite place, the last thing you would like to be concerned about is your lipstick flaking. In the mornings, your stick color appears fresh and beautiful, but as the day passes, it fades, and you’re left with nothing but a dreadful outline. But don’t worry, there we will provide you with a guide to applying this stick to ensure that it lasts a long day. Here’s how to make lipstick last longer:

Ways For making lipstick last longer

There are the following ways of how to make regular lipstick last longer:

Choose a matte lipstick


apply matte

Matte lipstick is necessary for long-lasting lipstick. Because matte lipsticks are drier than other varieties, appropriate moisturization is essential. But, unless you want to be reapplying over three hours, they’re quite much required. This is because matte lipsticks contain a solid wax foundation rather than the smooth oil present in typical lipsticks.

Lipsticks that are smooth or do not have a matte look have the lowest wear time. So, staying away.

Exfoliate your lips

If you want your lipsticks to look great, ensure you get rid of dead skin regularly. You could use store-bought lip scrubbing but making a basic lip exfoliant at home is always more cost-effective. Combine a few drops of olive oil with powdered sugar and apply them on your lips to exfoliate dead skin cells. This combination is absorbing on the lips. The sugar will exfoliate the dead skin cells as the olive oil moistens your lips. Just after the scrub, you’ll be surprised at how soft and flawless your lips feel.

Moistened your lips with lip balm


use lip balm

Apply a coating of lip balm to your lips before actually applying any product to your face, just after you cleanse or wash your face. This will allow you to increase the moisture and flexibility of your lips, allowing your stick to “absorb” into your lips. After exfoliating, use lip balm to preserve your lips and keep the lipstick from flaking. Lip balm with alcohol, flavors, or smell should be avoided since it will dry out your lips even more.

Define your lips with lip liner


use lip liner

Outline your lips first if you want your lipstick to stay longer all day. Pick a lip liner that fits with the color of your lips. Don’t quit at the outside corners; you should also be filled in your lips slightly, allowing the liner to function as a primer. Use a lip brush to smooth the lip liner color throughout for uniform coverage.

If you’ve selected to apply a lip liner to enhance your lips to look thinner, conceal your natural lip line with a moderate to high coverage concealer. Blend it in with the same lip liner to build a base for your lips. If you have irregularly pigmented lips, this should help you solve the problem. When you cover your lips with a flesh-toned or pink lip liner, the pigmentation is concealed, and when you apply this stick, the real color of such stick is shown.

Apply the First Layer

Afterward, take out a long-wear or other lipstick of your preference and apply the first coat with the same lip brush you used to apply the lip liner. Apply a little bit of this stick onto your lips at a time. You don’t want to apply too much because it will only fall off.

Put this stick on your finger and mix it well if you’re hurried. By blending this stick “within” your lips, you can get a longer-lasting tint.


Blot is a must if you want to eliminate extra oil from your first lipstick application and keep it on long. Have you ever noticed how certain tissue paper is 2- or 3-ply? To produce a single thin slice of the tissue layer, separating the layers. Blot your lips with this single-ply. To help integrate this stick into your lips, I recommend blotting twice.


You may use the powder technique as well! Here’s how you apply the best setting powder for lipstick to boost the life of your lipstick. Apply a single-ply or thin tissue on your lips. Take some loose powder and soak your makeup brush in it with a wide puffy makeup brush. Apply the powder to your lips by brushing it over the tissue. This will remove any extra oil on your lips, leaving you with a smooth finish and long-lasting of this stick.

Applying the second layer

We’re not finished yet. For maximum IMPACT, apply a second coat straight from the tube! Ensure not to overuse it; otherwise, your entire lip look will be ruined, so you’ll have to begin again.

Apply concealer to cleanse the edges of your lips  

Last but not least, clean up the corners, and you’re ready to go! To accomplish this, apply concealer to places having rough edges or in which you might have crossed the border. Wiping up will become much easier if you apply the lip liner first and create your baseline with it.


Your lipstick is an essential, if not the most essential, component of your overall makeup appearance. When you smile or speak, your mouth attracts a lot of attention, and people will notice! Knowing how to make this stick long from day to night can prevent you the effort of having to reapply it every moment or so. We’re confident that these beauty secrets will be added to your collection. Feel confident and energetic all day long with a lipstick that lasts long.

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