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When did the Burgundians convert to Christianity?


When did the Burgundians convert to Christianity?

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    The Burgundians, a Germanic people who established a kingdom in the area now known as Burgundy, began to convert to Christianity in the 4th century AD.

    The Burgundians originally practiced a form of Germanic paganism, but with the increasing influence of the Roman Empire in the region, many Burgundians began to adopt Christianity. In particular, the conversion of the Roman emperor Constantine to Christianity in the early 4th century AD had a significant impact on the spread of Christianity in the region.

    According to historical accounts, a Burgundian king named Gundahar (also known as Gundicar) converted to Christianity in the mid-5th century AD, which helped to further solidify Christianity's position as the dominant religion in the Burgundian kingdom.

    It's worth noting that the process of Christianization in Burgundy was not immediate or uniform, and there were likely many different factors that influenced individual Burgundians' decisions to convert to Christianity. Nonetheless, by the time of Gundahar's conversion, Christianity had become an important part of Burgundian society and culture.

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