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What is “When prophecy fails?? by Leon Festinger


What is ‘When prophecy fails?? by Leon Festinger

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  • Alondra
    April 4, 2023 в 07:54
    "When Prophecy Fails" is a book by social psychologist Leon Festinger which describes his famous study of a doomsday cult in the 1950s. The book details how Festinger and his team infiltrated the cult and observed how its members reacted when their predicted apocalypse failed to occur as prophesied. Through his observations, Festinger developed his theory of cognitive dissonance, which suggests that when people hold beliefs that contradict their experiences, they experience psychological discomfort and may try to rationalize or modify their beliefs to align with reality. The book's findings have had important implications for understanding how people resist change, rationalize their beliefs, and maintain their commitment to groups despite evidence to the contrary.
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