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What is the relationship between selling and the marketing concept?


What is the relationship between selling and the marketing concept?

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  • Ellison
    April 7, 2023 в 06:27

    Selling and the marketing concept are two interrelated concepts, but they differ in their approach and focus. The marketing concept is a customer-centric philosophy that focuses on meeting the needs and wants of customers while achieving the organization's objectives. It emphasizes understanding the needs and wants of customers, developing products that meet those needs, and promoting those products effectively to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    On the other hand, selling is a transactional approach that emphasizes persuading customers to buy a product or service. It involves the activities and processes that facilitate the exchange of products or services for money, such as advertising, personal selling, and sales promotions. The primary objective of selling is to generate revenue by converting potential customers into actual customers.

    In essence, selling is a part of the marketing process, but the marketing concept is a broader approach that encompasses all aspects of satisfying customer needs and achieving organizational objectives. The marketing concept recognizes that creating long-term customer relationships and satisfaction is key to achieving success, and selling is just one of the ways to achieve this objective. Therefore, while selling focuses on persuading customers to buy products or services, the marketing concept is focused on creating customer satisfaction and loyalty by understanding their needs and wants, developing products to meet those needs, and effectively promoting them to the target audience.

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