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What is the pH of a 0.060 M Ba(OH)2 solution?

What is the pH of a 0.060 M {eq}Ba(OH)_2 {/eq} solution?

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  • DARK77
    April 3, 2023 в 18:43

    The pH of a solution depends on its hydrogen ion concentration. In the case of a strong base like {eq}Ba(OH)_2{/eq}, the hydroxide ions (OH-) are the ones that affect the pH.

    When {eq}Ba(OH)_2{/eq} dissolves in water, it dissociates completely into Ba2+ and 2OH- ions, increasing the concentration of hydroxide ions in the solution.

    The concentration of OH- ions in a 0.060 M solution of {eq}Ba(OH)_2{/eq} can be calculated by multiplying the concentration by the number of hydroxide ions produced by each molecule of {eq}Ba(OH)_2{/eq}:

    [OH-] = 2 x 0.060 M = 0.120 M

    The pH of the solution can be calculated from the pOH, which is the negative logarithm of the hydroxide ion concentration:

    pOH = -log [OH-] = -log (0.120) = 0.92

    To find the pH, we need to subtract the pOH from 14 (the sum of the pH and pOH in any aqueous solution):

    pH = 14 - pOH = 14 - 0.92 = 13.08

    Therefore, the pH of a 0.060 M {eq}Ba(OH)_2{/eq} solution is 13.08.

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