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What is the Nun’s job in The Canterbury Tales?


What is the Nun’s job in The Canterbury Tales?

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  • Wesley
    April 14, 2023 в 04:50

    In The Canterbury Tales, the Nun (also known as the Prioress) holds the position of the head of a convent. Her job is to oversee the activities of the nuns and ensure that they follow the rules of the church and the convent.

    In Chaucer's depiction of the Nun, she is described as being very concerned with her appearance and her manners. She wears jewelry and fine clothing, which suggests that she is not as devout as she should be. Additionally, she speaks French (which was considered fashionable in Chaucer's time), rather than Latin (which was the language of the church), further emphasizing her interest in worldly matters.

    Overall, the Nun's job in The Canterbury Tales is to lead her convent and guide her fellow nuns in their religious pursuits. However, Chaucer uses her character to critique the church and the clergy, highlighting the corruption and worldliness that can be found among those in positions of power within the church.

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