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What exercise strengthens the humerus?

What exercise strengthens the humerus?

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  • aNdreyko
    April 4, 2023 в 15:55

    The humerus is the long bone in the upper arm that connects the shoulder joint to the elbow joint. Strengthening the humerus requires exercises that target the muscles attached to it, including the deltoid, biceps, and triceps.

    One effective exercise for strengthening the humerus is the bicep curl. This exercise targets the biceps muscle, which attaches to the humerus bone and helps to flex the elbow joint. Performing bicep curls with weights or resistance bands can help to build strength and mass in the biceps muscle, which can in turn strengthen the humerus bone.

    Another exercise that can strengthen the humerus is the triceps extension. This exercise targets the triceps muscle, which attaches to the humerus bone and helps to extend the elbow joint. Triceps extensions can be performed with weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and dips.

    It's worth noting that strengthening the humerus should be done in conjunction with a well-rounded exercise program that includes exercises for other major muscle groups, such as the chest, back, and legs, as well as cardiovascular exercise. This will help to improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of injury.

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