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What does ‘greater than’ mean in math?

What does ‘greater than’ mean in math?

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  • Bitch-Angel
    April 4, 2023 в 11:50

    In mathematics, the symbol '>' represents 'greater than'. It is used to compare two numbers and indicate that the first number is larger than the second number. For example, if we write 5 > 3, it means that 5 is greater than 3.

    When comparing two numbers using the 'greater than' symbol, it is important to note that the symbol always points towards the larger number. For instance, 10 > 7 means that 10 is greater than 7, while 7 < 10 means that 7 is less than 10.

    In addition, 'greater than' is often used in conjunction with other mathematical symbols such as 'less than' (represented by '<') and 'equal to' (represented by '='), to make more complex mathematical comparisons. For example, 8 > 5 and 8 < 10, but 8 is not equal to 10.

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