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What are the different types of laboratory glassware?


What are the different types of laboratory glassware?

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    There are various types of laboratory glassware used in scientific experiments and research. Some of the commonly used glassware include: 1. Beakers: Beakers are cylindrical containers used for holding liquids and measuring their volume. 2. Test tubes: Test tubes are long, narrow tubes used for mixing, heating and observing small amounts of liquids. 3. Erlenmeyer flask: Erlenmeyer flask is a conical shaped flask used for storing and mixing liquids. 4. Pipettes: Pipettes are narrow tubes used for precise measurement and transfer of small volumes of liquids. 5. Graduated cylinders: Graduated cylinders are cylindrical containers with calibrated markings used for measuring liquid volumes. 6. Petri dishes: Petri dishes are shallow, circular glass or plastic dishes used for growing microorganisms. 7. Burettes: Burettes are long, narrow glass tubes used for measuring the precise volume of liquids. Each type of laboratory glassware has a specific use and application in scientific research and experiments.
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