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Simplify: (5x)^3

Simplify: {eq}\displaystyle{ (5x)^3 }{/eq}

{eq}(5x)^3 = 5^3 \cdot x^3 = 125x^3{/eq}

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  • borabo
    April 6, 2023 в 09:51

    To simplify the expression {eq}(5x)^3{/eq}, we need to use the rule for raising a power to a power, which states that: {eq}(a^m)^n = a^{mn}{/eq}.

    Therefore, we can rewrite the expression as follows:

    {eq}(5x)^3 = 5^3 \cdot x^3 = 125x^3{/eq}

    So, the simplified form of the expression is {eq}125x^3{/eq}.

    To understand this, we can break down the process as follows:

    • The expression {eq}(5x)^3{/eq} means that we need to multiply the quantity {eq}(5x){/eq} by itself three \times.
    • We can use the distributive property of multiplication to expand the expression as follows: {eq}(5x)^3 = (5x) \cdot (5x) \cdot (5x){/eq}
    • Then, we can simplify the expression by multiplying the coefficients (the numbers) and the variables (the x's): {eq}(5x)^3 = 5 \cdot 5 \cdot 5 \cdot x \cdot x \cdot x = 125x^3{/eq}

    Therefore, the simplified expression is {eq}125x^3{/eq}.

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