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Business Article: Its characteristics and role in the field of research

The business article for its business research work qualities is different from a traditional academic work as it is based on more diversified resources and the objectives it pursues are broad-spectrum.

However, like any research paper, a business article needs to adhere to the structure accepted and understood by all potential readers. In addition, the goal of a business research job is to create new knowledge, which can serve as a basis for the development of long-term and / or short-term business proposals. This goal should be reflected in all written content.

In a business research paper, the universally accepted written structure accomplishes a double purpose. First, it allows the writer to state the research goals and reinforce their importance from different perspectives in different sections. Second, this structure facilitates the interaction between the writer and the reader and helps the latter to follow the development of ideas to the culmination of the work: a business proposal.

Choosing the topic of business article

Choosing the theme for a business research job is extremely important. The theme should appeal to a broad spectrum of populations, including direct and secondary stakeholders, clients, and so on. In addition, the theme must have practical applicability. Market and competitive analysis are among popular research topics as well as feasibility studies. Look for a theme in an area with which you identify yourself because there is no bad theme, but rather poorly developed theme. Beware of academic subjects, but of little practical use. There are some approaches that mentors insist on but nevertheless have little practical use.

After defining the theme, try to read and know everything about the theme. This requires you to seek out the most advanced to enrich your work.

A Business Article Writing Guide: Outline and Introduction

First you will need to sketch the work that will be written and think of your text as a construction that has to have a beginning, middle and end. So you have to balance the logic with having to be direct. Begin by introducing the theme giving a small idea of ​​the theme that will be discussed in the text. The introduction begins the conversation on the issue, it is a strong thesis statement recapitulates the problem and the author’s action plan. The introduction is the preliminary description of the current situation. It is developed through literature review and research. Existing business reports, legal and financial documentation, and theoretical analysis are equally important in the literature review as they provide a multidimensional perspective on the business situation or problem. The study is also based on primary data collected from the chosen stakeholder group.

The development and discussion

Start figuring out the solution to the problem you presented. The discussion is a culmination of the research and the most important part of the work. This is the place to present a business proposal and discuss its practical value. This section is the reason to do the research and its value to the reader is the acquisition of foreground. It is also important to highlight the part of the literature review in the text to affirm the importance of the problem. In addition, a literature review exposes and discusses previous attempts to address the issue. This part shows the reader that the author is a researcher with extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the business subject area. The greater the number of sources consulted, the more reliable the search becomes, since the data is confirmed and proved to be true, that it is not false or incorrect information.

The part of the text that exposes the methods is the key piece of a research paper. It should include the definitions and descriptions of all target populations, sampling techniques, data collection methods and the data analysis approach. This provides justification for the claim that the business proposal could significantly improve the business situation analyzed in the literature review. Overall, the quality of the business article depends greatly on the quality of the part that shows the methods.

In business research text, the discussion section does not really discuss the issue, but rather provides the outline of practical activities designed to solve the problem. It can be a business or strategic plan with measurable results and should provide a new and original approach.

The order of words in the text

It is important that everything you transmit is direct. That at the time of reading, readers get the most out of their doubts and they realize everything that has been written .. It is important that all readers understand what you have written. Choose simple words and if you notice that the reader may not understand the meaning of what you wrote, translate in the next sentence what you wanted to say.

Watch out for phrases that never seem to end. In addition, using fewer words in a sentence gives a sense of order. This is essential, since writing a text is trying to teach something and when people are learning they need order. Number of words is not quality.

It is important to link one sentence to another so that the reader does not get lost while reading the text. Sometimes this happens because the ending sentence ends up having no connection with the previous sentence which causes a break in the reader’s reasoning. So do not think of a phrase in an isolated way, but rather as the continuation of your reasoning.

How to complete the business article

Conclude by summarizing what has been presented, in a quick and succinct way, as the conclusion provides an overview of the entire business article while highlighting the main points of discussion.

Finally, a business article should follow conventional writing to formatting standards. This also includes the use of citations appropriately and the adequate provision of references to all sources. It is important to cite all sources used in writing the work and be very careful about the number of citations. Just use citations that are very important to your development, without ever forgetting that any academic work requires a formal language.

Following this logic is important so that your readers get used to this type of text. The uniqueness of a business research document is that it handles business facts as both sources for analyzing the literature as components of a business proposal.

The business proposal

As this is a business article, analyze your potential market. It will be indispensable to review who would like to accept your proposal of business in the market. It is necessary to do detailed and intelligent research, analyze your own research, done with your methods and observations, as well as surveys of secondary observers. Consider this line of questions:

  • Is there a viable market for the offer you are offering?
  • What is the age range of your target audience?
  • What do they do in life?
  • Is your proposal more attractive to a particular economic class?
  • What will be the differential of your proposal?
  • Do your potential clients reside in a certain type of region or neighborhood?
  • What are the specific benefits that the customer will receive from accepting the proposal?
  • What will be the potential of the business, its innovation and differentiation?

Establish the size of your market. It is important to be as specific as possible about your market. Once you have established the competitive advantage your business proposition offers, you can choose the best strategy to achieve your goal. Your competitive advantage may include the definition of special features that competitive offers do not offer.

At the end of the presentation of the proposal, the author should make clear what steps the prospective client should take next. You can write a very attractive business proposal, but it would be useless if the customer does not know how to act on the information they just read.

The last point of a proposal

After introducing the customer to your business proposal, you need to make an argument, which explains why the customer must accept your business proposal, what benefits it will bring, and what your company’s differential is. Explain how your methodology will work in practice, analyze and describe the costs and benefits of the strategy, as well as the time and resources required for action.

And finally, never deliver a job ready without reviewing it. Reading the text more than once will ensure that no mistake is left to pass, passing an image of organization, discipline and even professionalism. Asking other people to read the work is also a great tip.

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