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Are parietal lobe tumors genetic?


Are parietal lobe tumors genetic?

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  • Patricia
    April 9, 2023 в 09:12
    1. Photosynthetic reactions in the potato plant are endothermic. This means that they require energy input in the form of sunlight to occur. During photosynthesis, light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll molecules in the plant, which is then converted into chemical energy through a series of reactions. This chemical energy is stored in the form of glucose, which can then be used by the plant for energy. 2. If some of the water had been spilled while pouring it into the cola can in the experiment to determine the content of the candle, the results would have been erroneously lower. This is because the water is used to heat up the can and the candle, and any loss of water means there is less heat available for the reaction. This would lead to a lower temperature rise in the can, resulting in a lower calculated energy content. 3. A. 1 pound of fat burned produces 9.4 x 1000 calories = 9,400 calories B. 1 calorie = 0.0041868 kilojoules, so 1 pound of fat burned produces 9,400 x 0.0041868 = 39.3 kilojoules. Therefore, when 1 pound of fat is burned in the body, 9,400 calories or 39.3 kilojoules of energy is produced.
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